"Siri helped me after a few years of trying talk therapy, medication, and medical interventions without progress. This is not a passive process and Siri gives you great tools to put your plans into action and succeed."

         -Gigi T. San Francisco


Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for helping people get in touch with their own intuition and for rewriting traumatic experiences from the past that might be negatively influencing beliefs & behaviors.

Life Coaching provides ongoing support, goal-setting, and accountability. Do you find that you get on a good track, but then slip back off again? Life coaching may be helpful for you! 

Nutritional Counseling

can be instrumental in achieving emotional and physical well-being! I look at the whole picture, including diet, exercise, sleep, and supplements, to help generate energy and better health. My suggestions are tailored to your individual lifestyle and goals so they are both attainable and specialized.

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Personalized programs for inner wealth.

Life Coaching, &
Nutritional Counseling
Book your free 15 minute session to learn how you can:
> Fine-tune your life
> Create healthy habits 
> Bust through cravings
> Build confidence
> Release limiting     
   beliefs & anxiety
In a Group Setting
  • Inspire changes in your life with a guided hypnotic visualization and creative art-making!

  • Glow and grow with a sound bath coupled with a guided journey that takes you to deep mediative places in your subconscious. 

  • Book a class in stress relief at your workplace...what a great way to shift the culture at work!

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Siri did a wonderful job leading a session on stress management for my team of bout 15 people. Since we are a business in the banking industry, I wasn't sure how people would feel about talking about stress management. Siri did a great job covering a variety of topics in a fact-based manner that was entertaining and educational. We loved having her and I think other teams would feel the same!

-Susie Cranston, Manager at First Republic Bank


Hi, I'm Siri, a Certified Hypnotherapist, Nutritional Counselor, Life Coach, and Chi Nei Tsang Belly-Massage therapist. Working with individuals and groups, I help build wellness reserves---when we are healthy, we are wealthy! 


When I work with clients individually, I offer unique strategies to help target goals, build motivation, and give tools to continue using even after the session so that the positive changes STICK.


I do most of my sessions remotely, so you can receive the benefits without leaving the comfort of your own home. I also keep limited office hours out of "Heal" in Austin, and occasionally do in-person sessions when I come through San Francisco. 

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Is there anything standing in the way of your full potential? Negative self-doubt? Minor addictions to unhealthy food or substances? Poor digestion? Issues with stress or anxiety?